Baseball Game of Love

Music by Edith Barbier

Words by Arthur Longbrake


When first I gaz’d into your eyes,

Your image made a home run to my heart,

I tried to tag the feeling

Which into my heart was stealing,

But it had too great a start.

I thought ‘twas just a base hit that you made,

And you’d be caught in stealing second base,

But you went the whole way ‘round

And very soon I found

There was going to be a real live pennant race.



I was on first and you on second,

Cupid held the third base down,

He coax’d me to lead off and catch you,

  But you saw me start I found,

And as we two reach’d third together,

Cupid gave us such a shove,

That we both slid for the home plate,

  In our baseball game of love.


When first you gaz’d into my eyes,

You tried to steal from me a kiss of two,

And tho’ some trials were misses

Yet you stole enough of kisses,

That I lost the game to you,

I thought ‘twas just a foul tip that you made,

And soon in one, two, three I’d have you out,

But you seem’d to like my curves

And got what you deserv’d,

For you earn’d that one home run without a doubt.