Come and Kiss Your Little Baby

Music by Albert Von Tilzer

Words by Lew Brown


Honey can’t you see the moon is shining

Shining so you have no one to fear,

You say that this spot is kind of lonesome

Well that’s the reason why I brought you here.

Nighttime is the right time for some loving

Let us sit beneath those shady trees

If I thought that you were not so bashful

I’d try to steal a little hug and squeeze.



 Come and kiss your little baby,

 One, two, three, four,

 Come on I want some more,

 Come and squeeze your little baby,

 That’s right, hold tight, meet me here tomorrow night

 Come and love your little baby

 True love is divine

 Oh dear, oh dear won’t you cuddle near

 No dear, no dear, don’t you leave me here

 Come and kiss your baby all of the time.


Honey I could live on hugs and kisses

Maybe you could live on loving too,

If I thought your ma would not be angry

Then I would try and run away with you.

You know I have had a lot of sweethearts

And I’ve tasted kisses by the score

Now I’ll let you in a little secret

Why I have never felt this way before.