That Daffydil Rag

Words and Music by Bill and Frank Mueller


Oh hear that orchestra playin’ Bill,

Yes that’s the rag they call Daffydil,  

I’m just crazy bout that tune,

Say you’ll go to the nuthouse soon.

That leader’s got Philip Sousa beat

We’ll take him out and then you can treat

I’ll do anything you say

Well then ask them if they’ll play

That rag all night and day,

I’ll ask a favor Mister Leader man,

Just play that tune as strong as you can,



Daffy Daffy Daffydil rag,

Say kid, tell me ain’t that some drag,

Glide your lady over the floor,

Kiss her once and she’ll ask for more,

Raggy draggy oceans of joy

Look I’m floating please don’t hit a snag,

love my sister, love my brother,

Love my father,  love my mother,

But oh you daffydil

Gee that’s some daffydil

Doggone that daffydil rag.


That old trombone sure is going some,

Guess that’s not the music in that snare drum,

That cornet with its toot, toot toot aint that daffydil a beaut’,

Say Mister Leader don’t you dare get tired,

If you stop that music,

You’ll sure get fired

Stick your chest out take your stand

Lead that bunch to beat the band,

That daffydil’s just grand,

I’m dying for that tune man cross my heart,

I’m itching till I hear that music start.