Under a Gooseberry Tree


Words by Chas. E. Baer

Music by Ed. Edwards


Come on dearie, wear your smile so cheery,

For the moon’s aglow,

Stars are shining, there are sweethearts pining

‘Neath the Mistletoe,

Some are spooning by the deep blue sea,

Some are crooning ‘neath the old pine tree,

Any clime and anytime is spooning time for me.



Any old time is spooning time,

Any old place will do,

Any old chime’s a wedding chime,

Long as I have you;

Any old lane’s a lover’s lane,

It’s all the same to me,

We can spoon ‘neath the moon,

While we croon love’s tune,

Under a gooseberry tree.


I’m in clover when the day is over,

And then hand in hand,

We go straying, while the band is playing,

Into fairyland.

Fireflies dancing ‘neath the greenwood tree,

Lovelight glancing in your eyes for me,

Turtle dove makes love above,

And you and I agree.