My Little Lovin’ Sugar Babe

Music by Henry I. Marshall

Words by Stanley Murphy


Honey my heart’s been a-pining for you,

I’ve been a-longing in vain;

Honey, the moon’s been a-shining for you

Down in Lover’s Lane

Honey the bees and the flow’rs and the trees

All seem to feel sad and blue,

Night time and day time and June-time and May-time,

I’m sighing and sighing for you.



My little ever lovin’ sugar babe,

Come on, be nice to me;

You’re just as sweet as ‘lasses candy or the

Honey from the little honey bee, My baby

The summer’s coming, bright and sunny time,

The bees are humming for you, honey mine

I’m so lonely, hon, be my only one,

My little sugar, just as sweet as sugar,

Be my little lovin’ sugar babe.


Honey, the wedding bell’s soon going to chime,

Put on your new wedding gown;

Let your big lovin’ eyes look into mine,

Parson’s here in town

What makes the whippoorwill song seem so sweet?

Maybe it’s love in the spring,

Moon-time and noon time will always be spoon-time,

As soon as those wedding bells ring.