That Hypnotizing Man

Music by Albert Von Tilzer

Words by Lew Brown


When you feel queer and you hear

Someone whisper in your ear,

Come over here:

Don’t make a sound for you’ll know that you’ve found

A man to fear,

Your eyes grow dim and your head starts to swim and then you stare,

From your head to toes, that strange feeling flows,

Then your eyes will close, and you start to doze,

With his hands he just commands you

Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.



Oh! That hypnotizing man,

Oh that hypnotizing man.

When he makes those motions at you!

Ev’rything he bids you must do,

Look out he’ll get you if he can

Keep awake, keep awake, keep awake

Oh! those wonderful eyes

How they seem to tantalize,

When that feeling o’vr you does creep,

Your eyes are open but you’re fast asleep,

That stare, is over there, have a care, he’s everywhere

That Hypnotizing man.


Hark I can hear very clear that same voice ring in my ear,

Come over here:

Take him away can’t you hear what I say?

I’m full of fear,

I feel so strange and I know by this change that he is near,

Seems I’ve got to stay and I must obey

For I hear him say,

You are mine today!

While his eyes grow twice their size you

Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.