That Mellow Melody

Music by Geo. W. Myer

Words by Sam M. Lewis


Do I hear somebody sigh?

Do I hear somebody cry?

Who can it be my honey,

He or a she my sonny,

It’s your cello angel cake,

Play it dear for heaven sake,

I’d give a lot my lovie,

You know for what, my dovie.



Oh, that mellow melody,

Sends a chill, sends a thrill down your spine

Oh, that cello melody,

How it moans, how it groans baby mine,

It sighs, like the hum of the bumblebees,

It cries, like the wind blowin’ through the trees,

It tries to shout,

Let me out, let me out, let me out, I’m lonely,

Play that music shivery,

With your bow, nice and slow, from the start,

Play that music quivery,

Let it rap, let it snap,‘round my heart,

Gee I’m mad about your music fellow,

Hug me like you do your cello,

When you play that mellow melody.


How you love that cello dear,

More than you love me I fear,

Why am I sad, my cutey   

Why am I mad my  beauty

No it isn’t jealousy,

Cellos give just melody,

No I’m not sore I’m lonely,

Play it once more, once only.