That Naughty Melody

Music by Geo. W. Meyer

Words by Sam M. Lewis


Last night I closed my door,

Same as the night before,

I heard a noise and said “Who is it?”

Some melody paid me a visit;

I said “Now don’t get gay,

What would the neighbors say?”

I tried my best to act real haughty,

Gee but that melody was naughty



Play me that naughty melody,

It’s appealing to me,

Has me up in a tree, Gee,

When I’m awake or sleeping

That melody comes creeping

Into my room and says “I’m here,

Baby dear, baby dear look who’s here.”

I only heard it once or twice,

Gee it’s naughty but nice,

And it seems to entice me,

It always makes me act so funny,

Sticks like a friend who has no money,

Wonderful strain, that naughty melody.


After the lights are low,

Right to my bed I go,

Sometimes the pale moonbeams are gleaming,

Sometimes I think that I am dreaming,

That naughty melody,

Comes in and sings to me.

Just like a lover so devoted,

Every note is sugar coated.