Troublesome Moon

Music by W. Raymond Walker

Words by Wm. Tracey


Mister Moon hear me croon

Listen to me sighing,

I am sad, I am mad,

I’m so blue I feel like crying

Every night you shine bright,

When we start our wooing.

Out you sneak and then you start to peek

I guess you’re jealous that is true.



Oh you troublesome Moon,

We’ll be after you soon,

Cause you know that when you should be sleeping

You are always peeping down at sweethearts while they spoon

All our hearts you are breaking

With the trouble you’re making

When you might try to please us why you only tease us

Oh you Great Big Troublesome Moon.


Don’t go ‘way just you stay

I’m not half thro’ talking,

Ain’t it true that you do

Follow us when we go walking

Every place your big face

Seems to be right near us

Cupid too is getting wise to you

He says you spoil his business too.