Music by Evans Lloyd

Words by C.P. McDonald


Here in the twilight I’m waiting,

Waiting and watching for you;

Longing, dear, to be relating

Love’s story old, yet so new:

I am content when you’re near me,

Sad when you are far away;

You, only you, love, can cheer me,

You alone make my heart gay.



Twilight, twilight,

Meet me, dear heart, in my light  

When shadows softly are creeping,  

When in the trees birds are sleeping;

Twilight, twilight,

After the long day is through,

When the sun slowly dies,

In the deeps of the skies,

 In twilight, In twilight, I wait for you.


Your heart will be mine forever,

Time cannot change mine for you;

Two true hearts nothing can sever,

Always love will bloom anew;

Twilight enchantment comes stealing,

Stealing o’er me, and o’er you;

To me love’s dream it’s revealing,

Bidding me ever to woo.