When you Play in the Game of Love

Music by Al. Piantadosi

Words by Joe Goodwin


A ship wouldn’t be in danger,

If it never went to sea,

But ships were meant to sail upon their way;

A heart would never break,

If a heart would never love,

But each heart learns to love someone some day.

A girl and boy complete the joy

That life was meant to bear,

Yet there are penalties to pay,

And each one pays his share.



Sometimes a smile,

Sometimes a frown

Sometimes a tear or two,

Sometimes a soul is aching,

Sometimes a heart is breaking;  

Sometimes it’s joy for the girlie and boy,

Then blue as the skies up above,

Sometimes you’re sad,

Sometimes you’re glad,

 When you play in the “Game of Love.”


A boy would never miss a girl,

If he never met the girl,

But ev’ry boy must meet a girl someday;

A tear would never fall,

If a lad would never love,

But somehow love will cross in each one’s way.

We’d never miss the kiss we miss,

If lips had never met,

When there’s nothing to remember,

There is nothing to forget.