After All That I’ve Been to You!

Music by Chris Smith

Words by Jack Drislane


You say ‘tis the end of love’s story

You say it’s our last “goodbye,”

Love dies in the youth of its glory,

To bear it all now I must try.

Our dream of love is now shattered

How strange the story all seems,

Vows to the winds have been scattered

And nothing is left of my dreams



After all that I’ve been to you.

After all of these many years,

After everything I’ve gone through,

After all of our joys and our tears,

It’s the old story told again,

Of a strange love that cannot be true,

 Now we’re drifting apart

 And you’re breaking my heart,

 After all that I’ve been to you.


‘Tis better we never had met, dear,

Far better for both, I guess,

Now why did you ask me to promise,

And why did I answer you, “yes”?

You do not know how you’ll miss me,

You do not know how I feel,

I never thought you would leave me,

And somehow it doesn’t seem real.