Say, Sis Give Us a Kiss!

Words and Music by Edward Clark


When the weather’s lovely and all the world is gay,

Strolling with your sweetheart on a Summer’s day,

Balmy breezes blowing, ‘neath a pale blue sky.

Nothing’s so delightful and you find out why,

When you hear your sweetheart say

In a teasing, pleasing way,



Say, Sis, give us a kiss,

Such an opportunity no girl should miss,

Lend me just one smack,

Sweetie dear, I’ll give it back!  

Say, Sis, listen to this,

I will pay with interest for ev’ry kiss,

For one from you I will give you two,

Say, Sis, give us a kiss!


Kiss a girl of sixteen,

She’ll say, “please don’t, behave!”

Kiss a girl of twenty, she will say, “You need a shave!”

Kiss a winning widow,

She’ll pucker up for more,

She knows just what it tastes like,

She’s been there before,

And she loves to hear you say

In a teasing, pleasing way,