That Precious Little Thing Called Love

Words and Music by Chris Smith and Cecil Mack


‘Round as a biscuit, busy as a bee

Prettiest thing you ever did see

That’s the riddle old John Biddle told Miss Dinah Lee

Dinah said that’s easy,

Tell me one I haven’t heard,

John said Here’s one I wrote myself

Just listen it’s a bird.



Father and Mother like it,

Sister and brother like it

Uncle Joe and old Aunt Jane,

I know you like it, and you know I like it!

It’s a grand old game

Your Nephew Ephraham  And my cousin Susianne

Even to the Cooin’ dove

Just crazy ‘bout that wonderful thing,

That beautiful thing,

That sweet little thing,

That precious little thing called love.


This little riddle, Johnnie Biddle wrote  

All around town it soon did float

This same riddle told by Biddle

Got Miss Dinah’s goat.

Dinah said to Johnnie

I will learn it right away

So when them parties whom I love

Come ‘round to him I’ll say.