The Turkey Gobbler’s Ball

Music by James Blyler

Words by Havez and Donnelly


Turkeys, ganders, roosters, fowl,

Guinea hens and chickens and a big old owl,

Congregated there,

In the corner of the barnyard where the moon shone brightly;

‘Twas an elegant crowd,

I guess they’re all dancing yet,

Dancing to the music of the frog quartette.

Turkey gobbler led the drill,

When they went to harmonize as bullfrogs will.



Ev’ry body started in a-wobbling,

a-wobbling, a-wobbling

And the great big turkey was a-gobbling,

He gobbled when he went to sing,

and gobbled after everything.

“Oh! you cute old gobbler!” His wife would loudly call,

She was dressed up in a hobble, When she started in to wobble,

Made her husband gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble

 At the Turkey gobbler’s Ball.


I stayed there till half past three,

 Intermission came and was a sight to see,

Flying arm in arm,

Came the chickens from the neighbor’s farm and Joneses' turkeys

Did the turkey trot dance,

Rabbits, weasels, badgers, minks,

Came along to help ‘em in the big high jinks.

When the frogs began to play,

Gobbler gave the cue, and they were on their way.